About Food Systems Research Group

The Food Systems Research Group (FSRG) was developed to create new multi-disciplinary and inter-faculty research collaborations amongst University of Manitoba researchers within the broad area of Food Systems – more specifically – safe, healthy, just, and sustainable food systems. The ongoing focus of the FSRG will be on building research teams, research programs and student training. The overarching long term goal is to amass the necessary research expertise and research performance excellence such that this strategic theme becomes a University of Manitoba Signature Area.

    Numerous individual researchers and research programs at the University of Manitoba are already addressing a number of facets of Food Systems, as represented by the breadth of inquiry encompassed in the strategic research theme title. What is currently lacking is a coordinated approach towards establishing new research partnerships and strengthening existing research collaborations through the exchange of information and pursuit of funding opportunities. FSRG will provide structure, support and defined avenues for exchanging ideas and information, pursuing new research initiatives, and training graduate students in this area.

    FSRG is made up of researchers from multiple faculties at the University of Manitoba. The initial founding members represent four faculties – Environment, Earth, and Resources, Agricultural and Food Sciences, Arts and Science. Group members and research group activities will foster engagement with additional researchers, graduate students, post docs, research associates, internal research support personnel, as well as external community stakeholders. It is expected that the number of faculties directly involved, as well as the membership, will grow with time.

    The Interim Director of this group is Iain Davidson-Hunt, Natural Resources Institute. Other founding members include Mark Belmonte and Teresa de Kievet (Science), Annette Desmarais and Derek Johnson (Arts), and Jim House, Martin Scanlon, Joyce Slater and Kim Ominski (Agriculture). Christine Rawluk is the inaugural coordinator for the Food Systems research group.